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Policy Brief - Definition of a data collection process for bottom-up monitoring

01 Mar 2017

Efficient energy policies strongly rely on consistent and comparable data provided by a sound data collection process and decent monitoring and verification (M&V) procedures.

This 3rd multEE Policy Brief presents five concrete policy recommendations to guarantee an efficient data collection process as well as a systematic M&V process of the measures.

Policy Brief - Policy recommendations on Monitoring & Verification schemes in EU

02 Aug 2016

Effective methods to measure energy savings are necessary to assess the progresses achieved by national energy efficiency plans. Still, the development of effective Monitoring and Verification (M&V) schemes remain a challenge. This Policy Brief features a set of policy recommendations resulting from the identification and analysis of a vast array of best practices on M & V schemes across Europe.


Data Collection Process for Bottom-up Monitoring

04 Oct 2016

All EU member states are requested to monitor and report their progresses on energy savings. However, such a process requires the collection of reliable data, the analysis of which can generate comparable results. This report provides guidance on how to structure an effective data collection process on the basis of best practice examples and on how to collect the necessary data to monitor and verify energy efficiency measures.

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Document with case by case calculation values

28 Jan 2016

The monitoring of energy efficiency targets at local, regional or national level requires assessing the impacts of energy efficiency policies and measures in terms of energy savings and consequently their contribution to the energy efficiency target.

Possible impacts of such policies and measures can, on the one hand, be assessed top down. On the other hand, so called bottom-up methods can be used to assess the impact of single energy efficiency measures.

Monitoring and Verification Platform (MVP) Training Manual

03 Jan 2016
This training manual describes the basics of the MVP web application platform, which should become the central database of implemented energy efficiency projects. Thematerial covers the philosophy, general data structure and architecture of the application,all important for understanding the subject matter. The main purpose of the material,together with the practical part of the training, is to familiarize future users and /or administrators with the basics.

Synthesis report on M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms in EU countries

30 Nov 2015

The report presents the results of the mapping of the existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanism in the 28 Member States plus the FYR of Macedonia. The collection of the data for the mapping and the analysis of the existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms were performed with a common methodology, which was based on a specialized questionnaire.

Analytical framework for mapping and analysis

15 Jul 2015

The current report aims at the establishment of the appropriate framework for the effective identification and evaluation of the existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms in the EU28 and the FYR of Macedonia.

This framework will allow the project to map and analyse the existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms, thus leading to the analysis of the identified best practices on existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms at a later stage.


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