Monitoring and Verification Schemes

Denmark has already developed and implemented an M&V scheme for the monitoring of the implemented energy efficiency measures at national level. Various top-down and bottom-up methods have been used for the effective measurement of the achieved energy savings. Finally, an IT-tool has been developed for the effective monitoring of the implemented energy efficiency measures.

Best practice cases have been identified under the following topics:

  • Administrative authorities and their responsibilities
  • Sectoral and spatial analysis
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Measurement and monitoring procedures
  • Data collection procedures
  • Verification procedures
  • Reporting obligations
  • Administrative costs

Here is the full report on European best practices for M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms

Coordination Mechanisms

The national level has the legal responsibility for the formulation and implementation of energy policy, including energy efficiency measures. Even if the local authorities are not involved directly in national energy policy, various initiatives have been undertaken to realise and take into account their priorities and needs during the formulation of the energy efficiency measures.