Monitoring and Verification Schemes

An M&V scheme for energy efficiency measures is currently being implemented in Romania. Even if this scheme attempts to fulfil the requirements of the corresponding EU legislation, various aspects should be improved, such as the obligation for verification for the measured energy savings and the establishment of specific targets being set for the implementation of the monitored and verified energy efficiency measures.

Coordination Mechanisms

The distribution of responsibilities for energy efficiency policy formulation and implementation is clearly defined between different governmental layers. Certain actions and regulations have been foreseen in order to motivate the participation of the involved authorities. Nevertheless, the most important operational barrier is the lack of capacity, both financial and human, hindering the more efficient formulation and implementation of energy efficiency measures.

Best practice cases have been identified under the following topics:

  • Allocation of responsibilities
  • Involvement of regional and local authorities


Here is the full report on European best practices for M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms