The multEE Monitoring and Verification Platform (MVP) is an application that assists in measuring progress towards Energy Efficiency (EE) targets.

The application is based on the collection of bottom-up (BU) data on a number of plans and measures, their implementation, energy savings, CO2 emissions and implementation costs.

This enhances the monitoring and verification process and provides support to make any necessary adjustments to the individual measures. The platform also encourages different policy levels, such as states, counties and municipalities, to exchange their experience, share data and coordinate their actions. An efficient multi-level governance approach would lead to the adoption of more integrated and sustainable EE plans, define clear and converging objectives, and ensure more transparency and coherence in the overall planning process.

The MVP is currently being implemented in Croatia, the FYR of Macedonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia and presents a good example of smart and innovative solutions developed with GIZ’s support in partner countries finding use in the EU.

A unique user interface has been designed for both NEEAP-related projects as well as measures related to other energy efficiency plans. This provides a full picture of achievements and remaining gaps.

The platform will serve as a customized one stop shop for any country seeking greater efficiency, transparency and coherence. For EU inhabitants EE can bring multiple benefits, such as enhancing the sustainability of the energy system, generating more savings, encouraging economic and social development, promoting a healthier environment and an overall better quality of life.

The original application was developed within the regional project implemented by the GIZ/Open Regional Fund for South East Europe – Energy Efficiency (ORF-EE). A test version of the web application will be made available on this page.


Learn more about the Monitoring and Verification Platform (MVP)

Training Manual

A Training Manual presenting the main functionalities of the MVP can be downloaded from the button at the top of the page.

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A restricted and fictional version of the the MVP tool can be tested by clicking on the button at the top of the page (Login details: Password: Tutorial / Username: Tutorial)

Video Tutorial

Watch our video tutorial and learn about the MVP functionalities!

The multEE Monitoring and Verification Platform (MVP) allows authorities to consistently measure progress towards energy efficiency targets. This tutorial explains why the application was created, what its main functionalities are and what kind of information it provides to the authorities using it.