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Monitoring and verification issues discussed at the 2nd ENSPOL EU Observatory Meeting

16 Mar 2016

The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) contributed to the discussion about the crucial monitoring and verification issues by participating in the second Energy Saving Policies and Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes (ENSPOL) EU Observatory Meeting, which was held on 16th March 2016 in the Hague. Specifically, the main findings of the multEE project were presented, as derived by the mapping of the existing M&V schemes and the analysis of the identified best practices.

Meeting of Energy Community's Energy Efficiency Coordination Group

10 Mar 2016

Benjamin Struss, GIZ, MultEE Project Coordinator, will be presenting the MultEE project at the upcoming meeting of the Energy Community's Energy Efficiency Coordination Group in March. The Coordination Group facilitates the transposition of the EU directives into national legislation and supports effective implementation. It consists of representatives from ministries and agencies in charge for energy and energy efficiency issues from all Contracting Parties, two Observer Countries (Armenia and Georgia) and Participants. Its meetings take place in Vienna, three times a year, usually combined with thematic workshops. It is the Energy Community's key aim to extend the EU internal energy market to South East Europe and beyond on the basis of a legally binding framework.