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5th multEE Partner Meeting

16 Mar 2017 to 17 Mar 2017

In view of the upcoming multEE final conference, the multEE Consortium is meeting in Berlin on 16-17 March to discuss the progresses of the project, the current findings, new cooperations and participation at EE related events, as well as the final steps before the closing of the project.


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New Monitoring and Verification Platform (MVP) for Energy Efficiency adopted by EU countries

13 Mar 2017

Countries need practical and easy-to-use solutions to better assess the impact of their implemented energy saving measures and plans.

This short video tutorial presents functionalities and benefits from the use of an innovative Monitoring & Verification Platform (MVP) that has been recently adopted by several countries in Europe and beyond.

Policy Brief - Definition of a data collection process for bottom-up monitoring

01 Mar 2017

Efficient energy policies strongly rely on consistent and comparable data provided by a sound data collection process and decent monitoring and verification (M&V) procedures.

This 3rd multEE Policy Brief presents five concrete policy recommendations to guarantee an efficient data collection process as well as a systematic M&V process of the measures.