Workshop on calculation values in Slovakia

20 Apr 2016

This workshop was the first of a series of events organised within the multEE project.

Energy efficiency measures, monitoring of energy, energy audits, bottom – up approaches, and regular valuation of EE measures were at the core of the workshop. The multEE project, its activities and interim outcomes were introduced to the audience. Participants discussed a series of best practice examples for M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms, as well as the monitoring of energy consumption in public building and regular evaluation of EE measures.

Coordination mechanisms - Slovakia

The responsibilities for energy efficiency policy formulation and implementation are clearly defined between different governmental layers and the inter-institutional group, which was set up for preparation of National Energy Efficiency Action Plans including representatives for the ministries, the regional administration and the municipalities, facilitates the effective coordination of the energy efficiency measures.

Best practice cases have been identified under the following topics:

Monitoring and Verification (M&V) schemes - Slovakia

The implemented M&V schemes in Slovakia have some aspects that can be assessed positively. Specifically, the implemented bottom-up and verification procedures contribute to the fulfillment of the achieved energy savings targets, while the developed IT tool indisputably facilitates the effective operation of the M&V scheme.

Best practice cases have been identified under the following topics:

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