5th multEE Partner Meeting

16 Mar 2017 to 17 Mar 2017

In view of the upcoming multEE final conference, the multEE Consortium is meeting in Berlin on 16-17 March to discuss the progresses of the project, the current findings, new cooperations and participation at EE related events, as well as the final steps before the closing of the project.


Image courtesy of Phil_Bird at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Coordination mechanisms - Germany

In terms of policy coordination, the traditional formal vertical and horizontal coordination of government layers used for law-making in Germany also strongly defines energy efficiency policies. Especially with the energy transition, additional informal coordination mechanisms occur that complement the formal mechanisms. As these informal mechanisms define informal coordination in a wider sense, including civil society at large, they might prove an interesting and effective instrument, which could serve as best practice for other countries.

Monitoring and Verification (M&V) schemes - Germany

Owing to the federal structures, a uniform M&V process is so far not established in Germany. The existing structures combine ad hoc verification and systematic monitoring based on national methods. These methods are linked closely to the ESD/EED methodology for tracking energy savings but are first and foremost adapted to national circumstances. A key feature of all M&V mechanisms in place is their emphasis on cost-effectiveness. Public authorities do not consider a seamless M&V system as an end in itself.

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