Policy briefs

Policy Brief - Policy recommendations on coordination mechanism

02 Aug 2016

Solid multi-level governance models are a prerequisite for the development of coherent and synergistic plans. Still, effective coordination mechanisms among policy layers are difficult to put in place. This Policy Brief presents a set of policy recommendations on coordination mechanisms resulting from the identification and analysis of a broad range of European best practices.

Policy Brief No.4: Policy recommendations based on concrete proposal for multi-level governance

31 Aug 2017

A number of concrete proposals have been prepared for each partner country to establish a multilevel governance for energy efficiency. It has been assessed which alternatives together with energy efficiency housing schemes could contribute to the building of multilevel governance, partly through vertical integration and partly through horizontal integration.

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Guidebook for development of concrete proposals for multilevel governance coordination

16 Aug 2017

The aim of this guidebook is to give input to the development of concrete proposals on improving coordination mechanisms at national workshops in eachof the partner countries.

This guidebook will include the activities, which will be carried out before and on the workshops in respect of defining the concrete proposals for multilevel governance coordination. Besides the guidebook should be supplemented by the content of specific information in the partner countries included in the following reports:

Identifying areas of improvements of Monitoring and Verification schemes and Coordination Mechanisms

07 Sep 2016

This report identifies areas of improvement of Monitoring and Verification (M&V) schemes and coordination mechanism in the nine partner countries of the MultEE project. Furthermore, an analysis has been carried out to conclude on these areas of improvements in respect of the different types of political governance in the partner countries.

Synthesis report on M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms in EU countries

30 Nov 2015

The report presents the results of the mapping of the existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanism in the 28 Member States plus the FYR of Macedonia. The collection of the data for the mapping and the analysis of the existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms were performed with a common methodology, which was based on a specialized questionnaire.

Analytical framework for mapping and analysis

15 Jul 2015

The current report aims at the establishment of the appropriate framework for the effective identification and evaluation of the existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms in the EU28 and the FYR of Macedonia.

This framework will allow the project to map and analyse the existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms, thus leading to the analysis of the identified best practices on existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanisms at a later stage.


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