IPE’s activities cover a wide range of energy research issues, such as: simulation & optimisation modelling and analysis of the energy-environment interactions, energy-environmental policy studies, energy efficiency improvement and energy conservation management, renewable energy resources and technologies, electrical devices and technologies and regional energy sector development analysis. IPE pays special attention to the integration of research activities towards ensuring a sustainable and climate/environment friendly development of the Latvian energy sector. IPE has a wide network for international cooperation. In the period 2006-2011, the scientists of IPE have participated in many international cooperation projects, including the FP5, FP6 and FP7, IEE, Interreg, EC JRC, IAEA, SmartGrids ERA-Net, FENCO ERANet and bilateral agreement programmes. The IPE provides technical assistance to the Ministry of Economy through calculations of energy efficiency targets for the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan. It also offers extensive technical assistance to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development related to the monitoring and projecting of GHG emissions in Latvia for the reporting under the UN FCCC and EU Legal Documents. Starting in 2009, IPE established close cooperation with Riga City Energy Agency to provide necessary research related to the development and monitoring of the Riga Sustainable Energy Action Plan.


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