The Institute’s main professional and scientific challenge has been the transformation of the energy system into an open energy market, legally regulated and formally based on the EU acquis. Upon the accession of the Republic of Croatia into the European Union, the Institute’s scope of activity has shifted towards the visions of energy development in the EU and Croatia until 2050. This requires the improvement of methods for planning the energy system, subsystems, networks and transport of all forms of energy as well as capacity building for legal, institutional and organisational changes in the energy system.

Examples of EIHP's activities:

  • Integral planning of energy demand and utilisation of available energy resources
  • Original methodology for regional and local energy sector planning
  • Energy statistics balances
  • Energy system operation and development
  • Organisation and management of EE/RES programmes and projects
  • Cooperation with counties, municipalities and cities for implementing of EE/RES projects
  • Participation in international R&D projects
  • Conducting market studies, energy audits, public opinion surveys and educational campaigns
  • Planning, development, implementation and maintenance of IT and communications systems

Additionally – on a local level – the EIHP is providing NEPs/NEAPs/SEAPs for local authorities, cities, counties, as well as for the Croatian government. Special attention is given to international cooperation, EIHP membership in professional associations and agencies, as well as participation in international programmes funded by the United Nations, European Union, World Bank and others.


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